Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Rule #1
When a buggy is seen you must say the correct color followed by "punch buggy, no punch backs"You can now proceed to punch your victim. You must punch the person to get the point.

Rule #2
if you get the color wrong it does not count. Cream colored bugs can be said as yellow or white.

Rule #3
Bugs that are in a car dealership lot do not count.

Rule #4
When a bug is spotted and you or some other person in the vehicle call it, and it is still there on the journey back it does not count again for somebody else

Rule #5
There can only be a tie in two events:
1) if you start saying the color at the same time, no body will get the point.
2) if the two people cannot decide on the victor of the car somebody else in the vehicle has the right to call it tie.


  1. I always hated that stupid game.

  2. Cream colored bugs CANNOT be said as yellow or white.
    cream license :')