Sunday, April 10, 2011

My Beautiful Lebanon

So it is Sunday, and the weather seemed very cloudy, but it didn't stop me and my friends from hitting the road. Where to? JBEIL.

As I walked towards the shore, I stumbled upon this:

.و صدق وديع الصافي لما قال، لبنان يا قطعة سما، عل أرض


  1. That's in the winter and what the sea throws on he shore

  2. Wassim, I'm sorry to burst your bubble, but if you honestly think it's fine for our shores to look that way because it's winter, then we have a serious problem. The sea wouldn't throw this kind of garbage on the shore if Lebanese people don't throw their garbage in the sea. Let alone the GREAT HISTORICAL TOURISTS-ATTRACTOR, "Saida’s dubious distinction as the home of the largest trash mountain in the country – possibly the region." I'm not trying to trash my country, but it's such a shame to see something like that.

  3. hahahahahah babe! i love the first one and it truly is a shame to see our shores that way.